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Social Media: Beware Of What You Post, Tweet, Or Share

Zachary Poole

     In today’s age of social media, expressing one’s feelings or thoughts is a click away.  Having a smart phone literally places the internet at your fingertips on a daily basis.  As people are adapting and becoming more comfortable with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, the legal field must adapt too.  In our practice, we enjoy the use of social media to promote and manage our business.  Social media provides access to millions of users who otherwise may not know your business or the types of services you provide.  Social media a

Should I Get A Lawyer Involved? A Common Misconception in Personal Injury Cases

Zachary Poole

      Often times I meet people who have several questions regarding lawyers, and whether they should hire one to assist them with a case.    In the context of litigating a personal injury claim, I have found that there are some misunderstandings about whether it is a good idea to have a lawyer involved in a case or not.  One misconception that gets thrown around is the idea that if persona gets a lawyer involved, that it will make the insurance company for the at fault party get upset, and ultimately result in someone receiving less money than they would have received if


Zachary Poole

       A passion for practicing law and helping others are not the only things attorneys Dick Fredeking and Paul Biser have in common.  Mr. Fredeking & Mr. Biser also have a love for aviation.  Mr. Fredeking and Mr. Biser each own their own planes.  Both do not hesitate to use their air craft if a case requires it.  Mr. Fredeking obtained his pilot’s license in 1975, and has been flying air craft ever since.  During his time flying, Mr. Fredeking has accumulated over 7,500 hours of inflight seat time.  This seat time makes Mr.

Underinsured Auto Insurance Coverage And Uninsured Auto Insurance Coverage What’s The Difference, And Why Is It Important to Have?

Zachary Poole

      Being in an auto accident can be a traumatic and life changing experience.  What makes things worse is when an at-fault party doesn’t have insurance, or only has minimal insurance coverage that doesn’t fully compensate you or your loved ones for their injuries.  That’s why it is important that your auto insurance policy contains both uninsured insurance coverage and underinsured insurance coverage.

Suspect Medical Malpractice? A tough claim to prove calls for experienced representation!

Zachary Poole

       Here at Fredeking & Biser Law Offices, we love our doctors and health care providers.  We understand that without excellent cutting edge medical care, the people in our region would face dire consequences.   However, like lawyers, teachers, accountants, or any other profession you can think of, practicing medicine involves people, and sometimes people make mistakes.   Fredeking & Biser is here to ensure that when a mistake is made, that it hopefully does not happen again.  At or firm, we have over sixty years of combined experience handling medical malpracti

Why do I need a Personal Injury attorney to assist me with my Claim?

Zachary Poole

       Navigating your way through a complex and often changing legal field can be difficult.  Even an experienced attorney runs into issues that can only be resolved through research, and in some cases Court intervention.  Now imagine trying to deal with many complex legal questions you don’t know the answers to, insurance companies hounding you to settle your claim, and medical care providers contacting you for payment while being physically and emotionally hurt by someone else’s carelessness.  Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer to take care of communicating w

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