Zachary Poole

       A passion for practicing law and helping others are not the only things attorneys Dick Fredeking and Paul Biser have in common.  Mr. Fredeking & Mr. Biser also have a love for aviation.  Mr. Fredeking and Mr. Biser each own their own planes.  Both do not hesitate to use their air craft if a case requires it.  Mr. Fredeking obtained his pilot’s license in 1975, and has been flying air craft ever since.  During his time flying, Mr. Fredeking has accumulated over 7,500 hours of inflight seat time.  This seat time makes Mr. Fredeking a very experienced and seasoned pilot.  Mr. Biser obtained his pilot’s license in the mid-2000’s.  Both Mr. Fredeking and Mr. Biser are instrument rated, allowing them to fly at altitudes that require air craft pressurization. 

      There is no question, Mr. Biser and Mr. Fredeking enjoy flying.  They also love the convenience and flexibility of having their air craft available to travel for cases.  Almost every case requires some travel.  However, larger more complex cases can take an attorney anywhere.  Our firm has routinely traveled across the United States for depositions and other case related matters.  Mr. Fredeking & Mr. Biser have even allowed defense counsel and court reporters fly with them to save costs.  However, not every law firm is equipped or capable of traveling where a case takes them due to expense.  That is not the case here at Fredeking & Biser Law Office!  We love to fly, and we love to practice law! 

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