Should I Get A Lawyer Involved? A Common Misconception in Personal Injury Cases

Zachary Poole

      Often times I meet people who have several questions regarding lawyers, and whether they should hire one to assist them with a case.    In the context of litigating a personal injury claim, I have found that there are some misunderstandings about whether it is a good idea to have a lawyer involved in a case or not.  One misconception that gets thrown around is the idea that if persona gets a lawyer involved, that it will make the insurance company for the at fault party get upset, and ultimately result in someone receiving less money than they would have received if they would have dealt with the insurance company on their own. 

      The misconception that getting a lawyer involved in your case could result in less money for your claim or would somehow make the insurance company upset and offer less money is entirely incorrect.  From the outset of a personal injury case, the insurance company for the at fault party is operating from a superior position than people who are hurt and recovering from the accident.  Injured parties who are hurt by another should have one thing and one thing only on their mind, and that is recovering and getting appropriate medical care and treatment for their injuries.  Unfortunately, the at fault insurance companie’s first priority is to figure out how to minimize any monies they are going to have to pay injured parties for their injuries and property damage.  Insurance adjusters will call injured parties who are unrepresented and attempt to get them to settle a claim as quickly and for as cheap as possible, even if the settlement is not in the injured parties best interest.  That is why getting an experienced personal injury attorney involved to handle your claim is vital.  Not only does having someone who knows how to represent your interest in a personal injury claim level the playing field from the insurance company’s superior position, but it also allows injured party’s to focus on what matters, getting better and recovering.  The idea that getting an attorney involved will somehow make the insurance company offer less money than what they have already done is simply inaccurate. 

      Here at Fredeking & Biser Law Office, we will seek the maximum amount of recovery from the insurance company to fully and fairly compensate you or a loved one.  We will ensure that you are compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering to the fullest extent possible.  The insurance companies’ initial offer is almost always increased within a short time of our firm getting involved.  We will also ensure that the insurance company pays you the fair market value for your damaged vehicle or property.  In the case of an auto accident, we will also fight to get you a rental car until you can get back in good reliable transportation.  Our goal at Fredeking & Biser Law Office is to make you comfortable in all aspects of your case.  Leave the worrying and dealing with the insurance company to us, and focus on getting better!  Please feel free to call and schedule a free legal consultation if you have been wrongful injured and you believe we can help.