Why do I need a Personal Injury attorney to assist me with my Claim?

Zachary Poole

       Navigating your way through a complex and often changing legal field can be difficult.  Even an experienced attorney runs into issues that can only be resolved through research, and in some cases Court intervention.  Now imagine trying to deal with many complex legal questions you don’t know the answers to, insurance companies hounding you to settle your claim, and medical care providers contacting you for payment while being physically and emotionally hurt by someone else’s carelessness.  Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer to take care of communicating with the insurance company, organizing and collecting your medical bills and records, and taking necessary steps to protect your legal interests can allow you or a loved one to focus on recovering both physically and emotionally. 

       In my experience, insurance companies are interested in settling a claim for as little as possible.  They will attempt to tell you why you do not need a lawyer, and why you should take a quick settlement offer.  While telling you or a loved one to take a settlement offer, the insurance company knows they are fully prepared to pay for a lawyer to protect their client’s interest if a lawsuit is filed.  Since insurance companies are equipped and ready to hire attorneys to protect their client’s interest when their client has acted negligently, why shouldn’t a person who has been hurt by another have a lawyer to protect their interests?  As you can see, hiring a lawyer to assist you with your personal injury claim is as much about leveling the playing field as it is about peace of mind and recovering from your injuries.  Let’s analogize this scenario of attempting to face your personal injury case alone without a lawyer.  You or a loved one probably wouldn’t go sky diving alone on the first time and expect anything other than disaster.  Before diving you would go through a brief training course with an instructor and other experienced divers who have hundreds or thousands of jumps under their belt.  After being shown what to do and not to do by the instructor you will be paired with an experienced jumper to do your dive in tandem. The experienced jumper you are paired with will ensure to the best of their abilities that your dive goes well, and without complications. 

       A personal injury lawyer’s objective and abilities are similar to that of the dive instructor.  The personal injury lawyer who has handled hundreds or thousands of similar cases has the experience and know how to get the results you want without complications.  The experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to communicate with the insurance company, their lawyer, and the Court to ensure maximum compensation for your claim.  Here at Fredeking & Biser Law Office, we have over 60 years of combined personal injury experience.  If you or a loved one has been hurt, and you feel we can help give us a call and schedule a free consultation.